Why wait until now leave CHC (City Harvest Church)?

Why  wait until now leave CHC (City Harvest Church)?

I know it is hard to believe. The most important reason is that Father Jesus had given me permission to leave this church as my works over here had been completed. I told my CG members about this, during our Lou Hei CNY  celebration.

Last year 2015, I shared with Calvin about a strange dream that I had. I dreamed that I was  feeding two small eagles with meat. They were very smelly. Then they suddenly grew up to huge eagles with enormous wings. And next thing I know, they brought me to another place.  Then, I woke up and I do not know where I am going to. I did not understood the dream.  But amazingly during sharing session, revelations came upon me “That I will be brought to another Spiritual battle ground”.  But at that point of time I did not know where, when and what mission I would be involved.

28 Jan 2016 – CHC Special meeting.  I was barred from attending the meeting which I looked forward to, as I had raised a question concerning if church can recover the $21m from CEH who had bought into multi millions dollars of share into shares of Transcu, a SGX-listed company. LAWRENCE RIKIO KOMO, husband of well-known personality, Nanz Chong, if court case is successful. I was told by CGL that my question wasn’t answered and the hideous reason as to why I was not allowed to attend the meeting was that my OM (Ordinary Membership) had been downgrade to POM (Potential Ordinary members).  I felt cheated and very unhappy, as there wasn’t any proper explanation as to why my membership was being downgraded. I had been faithful in church attendant and tithe for past 8 years. I even went to the extend of pleading with them to let me in and showed my OM card. The check-in supervisor wouldn’t bulge at  my request and even bother to just say that “System showed that you are POM and we don’t issue membership card anymore”.


For the wasted trip, I went home straight. While on the bus, I prayed to Father Jesus concerning this issue. And, just then my Senior Partner (our Holy Spirit) reminds me of my conversation with Father Jesus, end of 2014.  At that time, I decided to join a Cell Group because I was almost barred from attending the SOT HOMECOMING event.  At that time, the attending Pastor told me that because I was put in system as “Inactive Cell group member”, my benefit to attend SOT HOMECOMING cannot be given. But, I became a “persistent widow”. Pastor relented and let me attend after I used one or two bible verses. This was far cry from what Man-in-charge said on stage, sounds so welcoming “All those who had graduated or still attending SOT, sign up for this HOMECOMING”. 

Do you believe that our Holy Spirit will actually reminds you of things? John 14:26 “But when Father sends the Advocate as my representative – that is, the Holy Spirit – He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.” At instant I remembered year end 2014 I spoke to Father Jesus and said “If after joining a Cell Group, if the church still treat me as non-member, I will have your permission to leave then church”

Really, I AM JUST A NUMBER IN THE CHURCH. Yet, church use these number to beef up their church number. Removing these “Potential visitors count”, the actual number easily falls below 8,000, just a guess. You take the total number minus “Active Cell Group member”.  Like me, maybe you would like to ask yourself this same question as is my title of this article, Why  wait until now leave CHC (City Harvest Church)? Perhaps you have real legitimate reason such as having an important role to play in church, or you are indebted to church or to someone for your salvation. But wait a minute,  no one, not the church gives you salvation.  Only Father Jesus does. Here is the hard truth, many received salvation at altar call but the “System Rules” converted the saved one into “System obeying zombie” that they would only obey and do what the leaders told them, other than that they were forbidden from being what they are supposed to be, i.e. getting direct visions, dreams and revelations from Father Jesus. This, had grieved our Holy Spirit and every meeting is no longer “Christ centred” but “Church system agenda”.  Nanz Chong, wrote 6/7/2012 “Why I stay in City Harvest Church” but already left CHC, and no mentioned of reason WHY? http://features.insing.com/feature/nanz-chong-komo-why-i-stay-in-city-harvest-church/id-d5533f00/

Why  wait until now leave CHC (City Harvest Church)?”

Certainly! The revelation is crystal clear to me, that the dream I had of 2 eagles bring me to another Spiritual battle is for me to move to another church as my work for this church “The woman whom Father Jesus still loves” is completed. Thanks Father Jesus for this revelations.

Actually, I intended to leave this church Dec 2014, the reason why I wrote to Pastor Sun. But since I could not meet her, as all of them are on “mountain top.  My Senior Partner, wanted me to give church and myself another chance, so I stayed on till now.

These were emails I sent to church.  Pending acceptance into my first Cell Group, at the same time, my mind was concerned that the group W204 aren’t suppose to exist anymore as was declared by the CGL during meeting with 5 of them, “If my this CG did not have Holy Spirit in contral, then this Cell Group will be no more”. Truth as prophesied, the CG had been dissolved. I join the new one, same people.

<<Email to church 31/12/2014>> 

From: XXXXX@hotmail.com To: info@chc.org.sg CC: axxxxxxxxxxxxxx@chc.org.sg Subject: (Attn: for Pst xxxxxxxx/xxx) Obedient is better than sacrifice, still wearing sunglasses Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 14:45:28 +0800

“Peace be with you” said the Son of Man with His eyes full of fire and a sword from His mouth that is so perfect that it cuts equally on both sides, slicing through the skin, flesh , bone and marrow, thereby splitting the soul and spirit. (This is Gift of Wisdom and Discernment my friend)

Note :  This email is for Senior Pastor or Sun,

About 4 years back, I had emailed and sent my 36 letter package to office but since I heard no news, it was probably ignored and discarded. Prophecies written within the notes had already came to past, these are only 2 that I will mention here.

Father Jesus showed me “Cupped hands but leaking sands when Father Jesus poured sands into it” 

“Father, why is the cupped hand leaking sands?” I asked.” HE said “Because the cupped hand has many holes below it.”

True enough, we have 2 exodus of people leaving CHC.

Also, I wrote about an article “Cutting the Rope” Now things unfolded, the 2 men who was on top dropped the bag and almost pulled everybody down after they fell, but Father Jesus had them “cut off” on behalf of the father,  so that others will not have their lives endangered. Now is man-in-charge turn to “Cut the rope” to save daughter and son.  But he is not heeding this calling.

Since he can’t hear from our Holy Spirit, Father Jesus had spoken to our Ambassador of God’s Love “Man-in-charge must be away for the Church.”  What our Holy Spirit meant is that man-in-charge must stay away from Church activities to do reflection for wrong things done and things he had swept under carpet. 

“Obedient is better than sacrifice” 

Here is the warning that cannot be ignored, he is that close to be being one of the statistics.


There is no New Earth and New heaven?

This preaching is not only unbiblical but also a blasphemy against prophecy of Father Jesus (See attached PDF for my full report).

Rev 21:1 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

Week 1

He preached as if our Holy Spirit is just a guest, he welcome Him as when he need Him in his thoughts, visions, dreams and your speech. That is totally nonsense, the matter of fact is that all of us are the Temple for Spirit of God and He should be the supreme authority to birth in us and radiates out thoughts, visions, dreams and speech to do His will, reaching out to people.

Week 2

He preached that there is  “No New Earth and New heaven” This theoretical preaching contradicts years of preaching and also a blasphemy to Prophecy of Father Jesus. He even mocked at residents of Spiritual beings currently residing in Heaven.

Week 3

Man-in-charge continue to preach that there is “No new earth and Heaven” He continue mock current resident in heaven again by saying “The concept that we will be “whimsy ghost spirits floating around in heaven” is also unbiblical.”

Man-in-charge must had seen the wrong earth! The earth that Apostle John seen “HAS NO MORE SEA”.

It is not only biblical wrong but also scientifically wrong, everybody knows that one day the sun will burn out and earth would not last, in the absent of  heat from Sun, all living things would not survive long before the Sun burn itself out, So how can a renewed earth theory hold?

I prayed that in Jesus’ name, man-in-charge, you will be received deliverance from “continuing wearing of Sunglasses or not being able to handle truth“.

Thanks for the preaching of Dr. Masaru Emoto  study of  Water. Although internet posts had said that this study is fake, not proven but I love it, it is in line with Bible message “That the devil can come to the courtyard and plant tares among the wheat.” This parable is about preaching false or wrong doctrines, that is, the Spiritual realm of infusing evil spirits into the mind sphere of listeners. Bad crystals formations.

Man-in-charge just cannot continue swept things under carpet, especially those wrong preaching, rectification is needed to restore “Good Spirits”.

These are some wrong preaching (on top of the above No new earth and heaven) :-

  1. Knowing that Derek Prince had died of depression. How can he wrote book that is of sound doctrine? 1st two third of Foundation truth is quite alright but the part where he theorized that Father Abraham is in Hell with Lazarus in funny saucer shaped hemisphere is flawed. How can he downgrade Father Abraham to be living in part of Hell?  Also, his book “Thou shall drive out demons” is also flawed. Father God has anger, Father Jesus showed his anger too when he chased out merchants and overturned their tables. Derek Prince theorized that “ALL anger is demonic.”
  2. The book Job, that God let bad things happened to him is to chasten his character. But the truth of the matter is more than that, a youth character Elihu was not preached and as a matter of fact, more than just chastening Job’s character, God actually prepared him to intercede for 3 of his friends and only after he done this, he received 2 folds increase in everything. This wasn’t preached.
  3. Preaching of Father Jesus want to be like rebellious Prophet Jonah was even more damaging. How could Father Jesus, who is God Himself, wanted to be like Jonah, a rebellious man prophet?

So, whosoever is manning the administrative work, the important 36 pages letter that I mailed to Man-in-charge about 4 years was not given to him?  If you love man-in-charge, forward this email to him.  I had already done my job as told by my Senior Partner.


Stanley Tan – HPXXXXXXXX

Side notes, BTW. SOT Office rejected my 1st registration for Homecoming just because I was placed in “Inactive CG list”

I obeyed our Holy Spirit to became persistent Widow and gotten approved Homecoming and donated money to support SOT. This “System based” of doing things had caused many to leave church and undo many Holy Spirit installed tasks. 

Attachment to this email was converted to PDF, taken from my Facebook Notes, https://www.facebook.com/notes/stanley-tan/there-is-no-new-earth-and-new-heaven/10152848265338827

This email was printed and handed to pastoral care person on 2/2/2016 and he promised that he will hand it to Pastor. It doesn’t matter, I done what I was inspired to do, I don’t hear any respond.

<<Email to church 1/8/2013>>

From : Stanley Tan [admin@homestanley.net]

To : ‘info@chc.org.sg’

Date: 1/8/2013 4:50 AM

Subject : Attn: Senior Pastor, My personal testimony on how I get out of stress and revelations received with regard to spiritual battle. 

Hi Pastor XXXX/XXX

Thank you Senior Pastor for the weekend message, it was really a Union of Holy message. I had sent many testimonies email before and will continue but really CHC have to break down all walls of principalities and stop “the System” that is running the church. For example, Church would only take heed to mention testimonies endorsed by Cell Group Leader, many inspiring and even prophetic message by others were totally ignored. It doesn’t matter to me, I WILL CONTINUE TO DO HIS WORK AS INSPIRED BY HIM. Just like the preaching of Songs of Solomon (we must practice what we preach), Lord Jesus is outside trying to get “The woman” out of the comfort zone of the house.  As I had also written in Esharingportal.com, our church (as with other church) is a “COMPOSITE CHURCH”.  Here is the testimony message of how Father Jesus had moved me to not only pray but put into picture to help individual visualize the important of engaging the Angels in spiritual warfare :-


My Senior Partner, our Holy Spirit said “We are at end time, heaven is now more open than ever before. You can’t fight spiritual with your knowledge and intelligent. You need to enlists the angels that had been assigned to you.” 

Pastor John Avanzini, Pastor Phil  Pringle, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, and Rev Stephan Munsey had strongly preached about the important of using Angels in these few days!

Brothers and Sisters, weekend message by Pastor Kong was really a Union of  Holy Message. I was moved, deeply troubled and groaned on 1 Jan 2011 and also I was selfish because I had already committed to fulfill the vision given by Father Jesus that I will be “First SOT graduate in Suntec City”, but the dark forces and principalities were at power at that time threatening to wrestle away our acquiring of Suntec Conv Centre. As was, moved in spirit, I prayed and positioned my two very powerful angels, Glitter Gold and Fiery Red (as I had already knew them, they gave me prophesied vision of Church location in marina area). You can see my drawing is hastily drawn in poor proportion because it was done during such urgency. This weekend service by Pastor Kong, preached about “The sword of the Lord and the sword of Gideon.” As can be seen one of my angel is carrying the sword. So my (our) prayer had came true, we secured Suntec Conv Centre as joint owner and I was one of the First Graduate in Suntec City as prophesied. I had even created a Facebook fanpage for it.  Praise the Lord. Glory to Father Jesus.


Stanley Tan


<<Email to church 13/9/2012>>

From: sa278@hotmail.com To: info@chc.org.sg Subject: Important message for Senior Pastor/XXX XX, Pastor Dominic Yeo must be the 3rd speaker who spoke the same words our Holy Spirit had revealed to me Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 19:29:14 +0800

(PA, please note this email is for Pastor. There is no other way for me to speak to him, so only with this email).   Hi Pastor XXXX/XXX XX,   Greetings, Peace be with you. The day before Pastor Dominic Yeo speak in church, I looked at his profile. “Strong in Prophetic ministry.” So I spoke to Father God Jesus “Lord, you had put words in my mouth and I had posted in FB, surely if Dominic really move in Prophetic ministry, you can cause him to speak the words of confirmation to the congregation because, I am a nobody (no way to reach people higher up, CGL curtail my words) and I was getting persecuted for what I had written.” Here is part of what I wrote as inspired by HIM in FB:-   28/7/12  **Sometimes Lord Jesus allow you to sink deeper just like Peter, that way only name you’ll call is Jesus.** Jesus must be your first love.   True enough, everything Dominic speak on Saturday is the 100% precep by precep matching of Union of the Holy message given by HIM to me.   A bit about myself, I accepted Christ through Billy Graham Crusade in 1978 in the stadium. Then I joined my Airforce Friend’s Presbyterian Church in Prinsep Street. Then I lost faith because Matt 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given” for certain things didn’t materialized. Sometimes 1983-1984 I backslide.  Then, 2nd Dec 2007 Vivi Lim brought me to CHC in Expo, I was convicted and first one to run to the altar. Praise the Lord, I was reborn. My testimony written in esharingportal.com 4 A4 pages.   Being in Cell Group for less than 2 months, I discovered couple of wrong things running “System based Cell Group”, my testimony to glorify Lord Jesus was being abruptly cut short by clap offering, then I realised that each member allowed only 2 minutes to speak. I prayed to Father God Jesus, why it has to be this way. Our Holy Spirit then instructed and inspired me to sponsor a blogging web site to allow people to post their testimonies since we are all constrained by timing and space. www.esharingportal was born. Then as I moved on, I discovered CGL for W204 CGL was very oppressive in the way he handle members, certainly he looked at me as a rebellious member because I pointed out to him things that are wrong.   It is very sad, while our Church growth is astonishing because we build a church without 4 walls but deep inside within the individual Cell Group and Church there are many erected  invisble walls which I also called “Whitewashed Walls.” The second article I wrote and posted on 5th March 2008 reveals much:   A weeping woman Humbled and rebuked by the Lord I was. Salvation at the altar call I received Praise the lord, I was reborn Married to the Church I am Rules set wasn’t make known and explained Stranded, was I Silently I weep for the diminishing love Basic responsibility of spreading Gospel, I want to give But sadness was I; it is stopped by The Walls Sharing of blessing too, has been stopped by The Walls Grieved and sad was I, I could not do more blessing Hierarchy and ranking is required for the right to share nourished bread Where is the equalness of love and sharing of burden? Where is the right to show the basic responsibility of spreading Gospel? Fears of disciples inability to spread Gospel is Not from God, but from human thought I weep for this drunkenness of the fearful thoughts Was the Wall built for educating but yet denying Basic God’s work, spreading Gospel? Woe to those who have fear in their mind I have daily-nourished bread to share with the hungry one And yet I was stopped by The Wall I weep for the hungry one who needed bread to grow There is no perfect House of God on earth Bad branches must be prune away to allow new branches to grow and bear fruits Unfortunately, one administrator of the Group, can’t handle many requests Where is the teaching of one’s faith? Spoiling of a child by not giving them FREEDOM to use Faith? I weep for the hungry one who needs nourishing from daily bread. Why, oh my Lord, why must there be Wall to deny your work? The young one would grow faster with nourished bread And yet it has to be stopped by the Wall? When will the Group learn their wrongs? I weep for them, daily, kneeling down and wiped my eyes onto tears soaked skirt Only those with God’s Wisdom and discernment can rectify this   My Senior Pastor, I spent much effort compiled and printed about 36 pages of micro detailed report to you, have you received and read? It is ironic that because of what is happening now that thousands of Church Members start to obeyed Lord Jesus and pen their testimonies in Facebook “Crossover testimony page” by Alexus Phyllis Koo. When I created Esharingportal.com, it was my desire to have church members to write their testimony, the two Cell group Leaders didn’t support, I SMS, emailed, spoke to many and given out name cards and nobody bother. So I gave thanks to Lord Jesus for this event so that many by the thousands came out to input their testimony.  Pastor Kong, your goodself preached about the Weeping woman broke alabaster jar of perfume and wet HIS feet with tears and these testimonies which should had happened 4 years ago (when I sponsor the web site) had to make to happened by Lord Jesus himself is like a sweet aroma to Father God Jesus. Praise the Lord!   So, Pastor, you had said to the congregation that you had drunk enough, sink enough. I don’t know, really have to ask our Holy Spirit. 28/7/12  **Sometimes Lord Jesus allow you to sink deeper just like Peter, that way only name you’ll call is Jesus.** Jesus must be your first love.   End of 2010, I prayed prostrate intercede for board members who were involved in the case. Father God Jesus gave me this Bible verse :- Rev 12:15  “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. 16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.”   So I prayed for revelation to this message and immediately Wisdom helped understood the message “Okay, Partner so there are two way in which the church can influence the earth to swallow the flood. Let’s see what Church will do.”   CHC Church, Man-in-charge declared “We choose LOVE.” in the opening celebration of her new location Suntec Convention Hall. While in the midst of jubilation and hand clapping, my Senior Partner asked me: “How deep is our love?”   So I spoke to Pastor of JE about this revelation, and also two young men who had crossed over to the other side, hope he can bring up to the church level so that I can disclose more detail of the methods employed by these  “Accusation agents” lure our church members away to the other side. But unfortunately, my report was swept under the carpet or curtail as I had said. Then follow on, we lost another exodus of members. Very sad.   In the mail package that I mail to you about 1.5 years ago, Pastor, (in white envelope), I mentioned that in order to receive the Golden Key, you have to operate the many Red Keys first. The Golden Key of deliverance is like a treasure box, can only be open if many padlocks are released by the Red Keys.   What are the Red Keys? “If admitting something that one had not done wrong, then that is foolishness. But if admitting and seek repentance for wrong doings than that is deliverance.” The Bible also said “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” Matt 10:41   Father God Jesus always faithfully dispatch the right person to help you. Angels assigned the role of ministering to you. Prophets had been the second rank in the 5 fold ministry, they advice and point mistakes to Kings and authority in OT, NT and End time, only two prophets will be around. So for the past 23 years did the church diligently received the prophets sent by Father God Jesus to you? Or were they being slew silent as depicted in the “Parable of the Vine dressers” Matt 21:33-40   1. Sorry Sun, in Pastor’s blog concerning his defense of China Wine advertisement I had read the post and comments. I found it vicious and bad. So I intended to continue whacking those people who attack viciously but our Holy Spirit caused me to post otherwise (I could not remember exact wording) “The revival activity is now shifted very strongly to Asia, much work is need in Asia.” That is the strong hint that Sun should be back to Asia, but Lord Jesus had to make this event happen so that you’ll come back. When Sun have intestine problem I prayed and our Holy Spirit caused me to groaned and I specifically prayed for an Angel to be sent to healed Sun. It took more than 2.5 months for Pastor Kong to share this supernatural intervention of God to the congregation. Why took so long to testify for Father God Jesus? I can recalled the other Angel was speaking to the other “Are we here yet? Oh we are here, is all those slimy crystal the toxic? 1-2-3 let’s us push out.” But not complete purging of all toxic, seems like Sun had to see doctor once 4 to 5 months. 2.  Sorry to Sun, I love CHC too much, 4 instances of  feedback from people attended services (AC2009, AC2010 and SOT2011) said same things “Why are your members wearing T-Shirts depicting demonic printing, sex, drugs, skeleton, snakes tatoos.” I prayed to Father God Jesus that you will not have anything to do with the demonic tatoo products anymore. Sorry, that the shop had to close. Hope no more involvement in demonic art work of Tatto man.   God Bless   Regards Stanley Tan – HP XXXXXXXX

<<Email to church 13/9/2012>>

From : Stanley Tan [admin@homestanley.net]

To : ‘info@chc.org.sg’

Date: Wed 23/5/2012 6:04 AM

Subject : Attn: Senior Pastor, My personal testimony on how I get out of stress and revelations received with regard to spiritual battle.

Hello Senior Pastor,

Thank you very much for having brought in Professor DR. ROBI SONDEREGGER.  I thought it would be good for me to share this testimony to all our loving brothers and sisters. And

the title I used as inspired by HIM “Hello Doctor I don’t need medication”, I think professor Dr, Robi Songeregger would agreed.

Actually, it took great courage for me to write the testimony, it was mooted by Elim Chew on her blog because June 2010, a student committed suicide and she blogged to appeal

for people come out and share on how to get out of stress. I pray very hard and get the go ahead to write my testimony as inspired by HIM. So, I had to get into my emotion in

order to write as accurately as possible. Just then, while writing my testimony another famous Korean actor and singer Park Yong-ha  committed suicide on June 30, 2010.  At that

point I was lamenting, life is so short, being rich is not everything. Anyway, I managed to complete my testimony (see attached PDF), and posted out to Elim Chew.


The testimony which HE had inspired me to write somehow agreed completely with what Professor Dr Robi Sonderegger had taught us for the past 2 days.

  1. When a person is having tremendous stress, he or she cannot connect the frontal lobe of the brain to reason out things, so he must seek professional help for medication.
  2. It takes oneself to have positive thinking to get out of stress.
  3. The evil spirit speaking into the mind of stressful people is real, it is very persistence in prompting and challenging people to commit suicide.
  4. On the flip side of science, Psychology and Neoro  science, demonic activity can be the cause of mental illness.
  5. Emphasised the important of walking along with people even though they had recovered from stress.

Today 1,585 had read this article. Applause to those who read, I think they needed great courage. At the end of the message, there is flash message links to biography of those celebrities who committed suicide.


I don’t know, it seems that this article had already prophetically mentioned that Cultural Mandate has to be the Crossover Project for Korea. Maybe that is the reason why Senior Pastor

Kong had to be more and more involved in Korea. And I don’t know how many people had actually joined hand with me to pray for suicidal demonic spirit control to be broken in Korea.

Praise and Glory to Father God Jesus! The curse has been broken! It has been about 2 years and there is no report of famous Korean actor or singer commit suicide.

Note:  I had downloaded videos and these two are very good for our seminar purpose.  Remembering Daul Kim.flv  (she showed symptoms of stress) and Best_Illusion.flv (how the mind can be tricked by the sight of the eyes).


Stanley Tan

CHC Ordinary Member

Proof of all my works for the church : – 

Emailed to JE Supervisor and highlighted to him that Intro is not biblically correct, contradicts what Father Jesus said “Go to the highway to find the good and bad for HIS wedding feast.” Also, I make the book mark for all the church Pastor to celebration Father’s Jesus prophecy for the house to be located at Marina area. There is no feedback nor thanksgiving for this celebration to thanks Father Jesus.


Prayed for 2 groups of Anointed Christians to share their testimony in CHC.

  1. Janice and Sonia Lee, Australian Korean twin whose mother had gone to the Lord in heaven due to cancer. Their link were miraculously posted in my Facebook link, and at that time, I had already witnessed My mom and sister Ah Bong in Heaven. As revealed by my Senior Partner, the twin sisters can bring power of anointing for healing and inform people that “Heaven is Real”. Even their mom is dying, they still can joyfully said “Mom you are so fortunately to be able to see Jesus next week”.  True enough, Janice and Sonia Lee came to CHC on 9/7/2011. My prayer answered. 
  2. Retha Mcpherson and Aldo, due to freak car accident, her elder son Aldo skull was cracked open, in coma had super natural experience with Lord Jesus in Heaven. Her life was completely transformed and this was what she said in her book ““I don’t mean to discredit  my husband when I say this, but both he and I were spiritually dead and until that point we’d never had such experiences in the Holy Spirit” pg 27. and Aldo says on page 71, “You are the reason why He send me back, I didn’t want to come back, but He sent me back so that you can be reason for His return.“ Prayer wasn’t answered, perhaps church not ready for mighty revival. As Man-in-charge already his pulpit is only reserved for accredited preacher ministers.



As early as 5/3/2008, my Senior Partner (Our Holy Spirit) had already revealed to me the Church problem of “System rules”, the wall had been mention couple of time in the 1st Poem “Weeping Woman”. And the work didn’t stop here. http://esharingportal.com/weeping-woman.html 

Spreading Kindled fire 9/3/2008 – True vision of fire, encourage mention to love one another.  http://esharingportal.com/spreading-kindled-fire.html 

Which face you want to show 16/3/2008 – Important of having face of Jesus, Hamanity. NOT face saving. http://esharingportal.com/which-face-you-want-to-show.html 

Whitewashed wall 2/6/2008 – Church without 3 walls but unfortunately many “Whitewashed wall” were erected internally. http://esharingportal.com/the-whitewashed-wall.html 

Blessed fruit tree need not change ground 1/7/2008 – Gift of knowledge given, prophetic visionary message that Church will loose member if they had to move to new ground.  http://esharingportal.com/blessed-fruit-tree-need-not-change-ground.html 

Cutting the Rope 27/7/2008 – The real Father willing die for his son and daughter, a video “Vertical limit” is prophetically depicting the whole saga. Man-in-charge was tested to the max if he is a good example of “Spiritual father”.  http://esharingportal.com/cutting-the-rope.html 

The Numbers are nearing, where is thy place of worship? 24/8/2008 – True vision of my 2 angels, whom I called Fiery Red and Glitter Gold flying in circle and prophecy came to past, our new worship place in Marina area, Suntec Convention Centre fulfilled.  http://esharingportal.com/vision-for-place-of-worship.html 

Imprisoned by SELF 30/9/2008 – Comparing LOT and Job. Many Christian today are being imprisoned by SELF.  http://esharingportal.com/imprisoned-by-self.html

Consequences of not doing 100% job for God and fearing man 1/10/2208 – A warning for Christian not doing 100% job for God, just like the CROSSOVER Project, focus in ASIA (the First Love) but Team was distracted to USA. http://esharingportal.com/consequences-of-not-doing-complete-job-for-god.html 

Virtue versus acting innocent 4/12/2008 – The danger of putting a mask to act innocent. http://esharingportal.com/virtue-versus-acting-innocent.html 

Spiritual Battle in 4th dimension 29/12/2008 – A true spiritual battle against a brother’s old man, defeated him. And later delivered brother signed up for SOT whom his wife been praying for 12 years for it to happen. http://esharingportal.com/spiritual-battle-4th-dimension.html

System or Spirit Driven, real warfare 28/3/2009 – The Spiritual warfare is real. It is not about war against flesh and blood but against the unholy one. The spiritual realm in the 4th dimension. Discussed main about “Church system rules and soon after writing, Father Jesus gave vision of 3 men. True enough, after AC 2010, the top men in church were arrested. Fallen men.  Praise the Lord, Sermon by Ed Silvoso on 9/11/2008 helped me to identified this system as Babylon System.  http://esharingportal.com/system-or-spirit-driven.html

The scales that dropped off Saul’s eyes 8/3/2015 –  Revelation if the scales that dropped off Saul’s eyes is real thing of symbolic meaning. We are judging people through our dirty lens, Rev Dr A.R. Bernard spoke same thing a week later.  http://esharingportal.com/the-scales-that-dropped-off-sauls-eyes.html 

 These are just some of the crucial articles that I wrote. There are total of  86 articles published by me, readership as of now more than 400k.

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 Addon notes 29/2/016 (discovered after left church on 11/2/16 :

The church have complicating system of promoting people. So those who aren’t in any Cell Group are treated as Potential Visitor only, yet their attendance and tithing are much wanted by church. But not rewarded for member’s benefits just because they don’t attend Cell Group.


Technology is so advance nowadays, you can delete anything on PC but still can be dugged out. Persecutors dugged out the dark side if Man-in-charge. Very easy for him to preached that we must be patience with God but contrary to it, he was unforgiving and mean!

“The Beijing and Shanghai events cost us so much money, and we had to fly so many people in. How have we become good stewards of money? We tried to save a few thousands on hotels and throw hundreds of thousands on result-less concerts,” Kong wrote.  Click link to read



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