Pastor Christine Pringle share baby brought to heaven

Pastor Christine Pringle – 21st Nov2008 1.00pm to 2.00pm (You can read more by clicking City News, City Harvest Church )

Christine Pringle started with poem she had writtened for her first child, Jesse, whom she had miscarried. Chris shared deeply about dealing with the loss of an infant, a small child through miscarriage, termination or still birth. Her own personal experience was when she was a young woman, barely 20, pregnant with her first child. Chris (and her husband Phil Pringle) ran a home group for youth in their own home at the time. She was about 15 weeks pregnant when she found herself bleeding one day, a day of her home group. Before the youth group arrived at her house, Chris decided to head home and rest. As a young Christian, she thought only good things happened to Christians, so she did not think the bleeding was anything serious. But the bleeding got worse, and “I still remember, the youth were singing praises in the next room, and I was in my bedroom, bleeding, losing my baby.” Chris drew no comfort from people telling her “Maybe it is for the best” or “It is going to be all right.” But peace and assurance came upon her when someone told her, “I believe that God is flushing out your body of all the drugs,” in reference to her previous lifestyle before she came to the Lord. Many, many years later, a friend showed Chris a video of a vision of heaven. After watching the video, she went into her room. There she heard praise and worship, and felt two arms envelope her. Up to that point, she had not grieved for her lost child, but she started crying now. It was as though she was in this incredible bubble where she could just weep and everything was still. She received a vision of a tall, handsome young man with longish hair  and the Lord told her it was her son, Jesse. Heaven, shared Christ, that’s where the babies go when they are lost on Earth. They are rescued by angels and brought into Heaven, where they grow. When she saw Jesse, he was 23 – exactly the age he would be if he had lived. As Chris shared her experience, tears started to well up in the eyes of the audience. The atmosphere was one of comfort and peace, even as women (and men) who had lost their babies wept and grieved. For them, Chris had opened the door to a room which has been closed for years, so that God can bring healing. Her vision is to share her story with the women in China  and at Asia Conference 2008, that was the first step to fulfilling that vision. Picture on the right, you can see her holding 2 prayer cards, pink is for baby girl and blue is for baby boy.

Wow! What a revelation! I had read the Book of Heaven is So Real by Choo Thomas. Pg 39, Choo Thomas mentioned that she went to Heaven and Jesus showed her a room with many babies and Jesus told her that these are baby aborted by their mothers. Jesus said he hate abortion. From this, Ithere was this inspiring thought that we can reach out to parents who had lost their baby due to abortion or miscarriage. So I listened to the Video by Choo Thomas, she mentioned that children who died below age of 6 will be in the safe hand of heaven. So I wanted to reachout to all parents who had lost the child below 6 years old; to tell them that they have hope, the hope of seeing their lost child by accepting Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour. Jesus can help them release their “guilt’ of having lost their baby due to miscarriage or abortion. Perhaps, many are living with this guilt unknowingly throughout their live. But I wasn’t not sure if this is really a correct approach or not. Thanks and praise to Our Lord Jesus. This is a revelation by Christine Pringle. Yes, we can bring hope and salvation to parents. As the bible said “whatever is loosen in earth will also be loosen in heaven”. Likewise, whatever is lost on earth will be found in Heaven. Then, I started to wonder as to why the age wasn’t writtened in the book, Heaven is So Real. I needed an answer. Since the past few sessions has been talking about Babylon System, I wanted to do a research on this subject. Using search engine by typing “Babylon System” I just couldn’t believe my eyes that the answer was found in an article, it says that “Children will be brought to heaven if they die before they reach accountable age.” This is quite true since different child would have accountable thought at different age of their live. That means, individually, they would have different level of thoughts and at that point where they are able to differential between right or wrong and are able to make a decision whether to accept Jesus Christ or not; they become accountable. With this revelation, I think more appropriate is this “Children who a 6 years old and below or have not reach accountable age will be brought to heaven by Angels if they die.” With this final piece of Jig-saw puzzle in place, we can safely reach out to parents who had lost a child due to miscarriage or abortion. Go and tell them “Their baby is in the safe in Heaven. They can hinge their hope on Our Lord Jesus. Let Lord Jesus grant the release of their guilt.” Hallelujah, praise the Lord.