4 Power from Holy Spirit – Rev Dr Kim Sunghae

The message for the past few weeks is very clear, to ensure that we are charged up, we must pray to God, Our Lord Jesus daily. Just like Mobile phone, as share by Pastor Kong Hee, without strong Battery, you cannot receive call nor receive from SMS. So individual who have great desires to receive message, dreams, Visions and face God, Our Lord Jesus, must be “Charged Up” daily. Rev. Dr Kim Sunghae message for the day: –

The Holy Spirit gives us four powers: –

Power one – Holy Spirit makes us loves other people
The Holy Spirit, Our Helper gives us the power to have good relationship with others. You need to pray for the heart of forgiving. Remember the Cross? Vertically, Loving God, our Lord Jesus and Horizontally, Loving People

Power Two – Holy Spirit gives us Heavenly Wisdom
King Soloman has mighty wisdom. Wisdom comes with goodness, Visions and dreams. God gives us good things because of his Wisdom. Only with Wisdom, then we will know how to ask for the right thing from God, our Lord Jesus.

The Sermon by Rev. Dr Kim Sunghae answered my player and helped me to complete the article on Vision, Title: One Man’s Vision is another man’s illusion.

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Power Three – Holy Spirit helps us cast out disease and demons
We have the healing power and the ability to cast out demons in Jesus? Name.

Power Four – Holy Spirit gives us the Power to Witness
Two ways to witness: –
One, Prayer. Pray for non-believer and believer. Being a praying Christian is a Good witness for Jesus.
Two, Spreading the Gospel, the Good news of Salvation. Don’t hesitate to witness; the Holy Spirit gives you the words of wisdom. So Christian should not be afraid to witness.

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