One man’s Vision is another man’s illusion

One man’s Vision is another man’s illusion


Vision from God, Our Lord Jesus is Sacred, DO NOT share with anyone unless the person is Spiritually connected or Right with you, who will doeth the Vision together with you. Be careful with God, Our Lord Jesus given Vision. We have great Spiritual Responsibilities!!

Pastor Kong Hee once mentioned in the sermon “Do not share your vision with anyone else because it is very personal with God unless they are meant to be part of the vision. It is given by God to you so that you can accomplished the Vision in Jesus name. The reason why you can’t share vision with other people is because they will say thing to discourage you and worst they may carry out actions to prevent you from completing the vision. Another problem is that people may steal your Vision.”
Also if the Vision is meant for more than one person to accomplish together, God, our Lord Jesus will reveal to all the choosen people and they will all agreed to whatever decision arise from the COMMON VISION.
In this writeup, we’re using the Christmas Challenge to illustrate how a Vision is being perceived and eventually emerged as a reality, though not a perfect example but lesson can be learned from here.

Chapter 1 – Shaping up a Vision Last Christmas, ie. 2007.

My work place ABN AMBRO BANK throw a Christmas challenge to all department. Immediately I had a Vision that our department will win this challenge. Yes, a tall Christmas Tree using recycle material, reaching up to touch the ceiling of our department (Insurance). With limited time, of less then 2 weeks, I really have to get permission to get it started. There was some delay in authorising the starting of this work. Perhaps at that time our management aren’t clear about the Vision or very engrossed in their planning. Then barely a week to go, our management finally authorised me to carry out the work, the Christmas Tree. Many of my colleague were completely blurred about this Vision that I am talking about. Once during the morning briefing, I told boldly in front of them “The Vision is clear we will win this Christmas Challenge. The $500 Gift Hamper will be Ours!” Everyone was so excited and clapped hand but the excitement died down so soon on the next day. I drove my car and move everything that I can find in my store. Most important item is the IKEA iron Rod that was meant for hanging of Bicycles. I couldn’t get much help from my colleagues because they could not visualise the Vision. So I must find way and means to tranfer whatever I perceived in my mind into something tangible. This is what I must do :-
1. Establish the main backbone of the Vision, set up the IKEA Rod.
2. Create the outline of the Vision. Using nylon string and Christmas cards to form the outline of the tree.
3. Add in some sample content of the Vision. Use the discarded keyboard, aluminium cans, beer bottles.
Once Physical Visualisation has been set, my colleagues started to pour in all the helps.
Although the Christmas is 75% complete due to lack of time, we still managed to WIN!! Unfinished work such as rolling used newspaper as Big Balls to fatten the Christmas Tree and adding spikes of Christmas Tree Leaves wasn’t done. LOLz.
HelleluJah! Praise the Lord!!

There is some lesson to learn from here. Only if other people had recieved the same Vision from God, our Lord Jesus, then the work can be easily carry out together, all in one mind. If not, you’ll have to identify the main backbone of the Vision to get it started. You’ll have to select the person who is able to visualised the Vision based on the backbone, if not, at least the outline of the vision. If these 2 steps has been done and yet the selected person cannot visualised, eitheir you are not good in illustrating ideas or that you have the chose the wrong person. Well, maybe your vision is too complex, you would have to fill in the content by writing so that the person or people helping you can carry out the specific instructions accordingly and complete the vision.

“Plant your Vision in your Mind, so that your heart and Soul can works towards achieving it”
by Stanley 18th Dec 2007

Click here to see Xmas 2007 Website

End notes:

“I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17). Would you rather have Visions or Dreams? Lateral meaning, only young man shall see Visions. Really? Old man can only dream dreams? Here is the secret to what keeps a person spiritually young. Visons are more intense with lots of God’s secrecy wisdom words and needs the young energetic spirit to run. Think of Caleb, the Vision of defeating Giants had kept him young because the Vision is full of young spirit energy and of great hope. Even at the age of 85, Caleb fought as a young lion and killed the giants. Have Vision, don’t be an old man. You maybe younger but if you have an old man spirit in you, you are not going to get any vision from God. Only those with Wisdom of God can interprete dreams and Vision, see next chapter.

Chapter 2 – Why we cannot share vision openly?

1. Vision is personal with God.

It has to be sacred in order to accomplish one’s destiny by doing God’s will. God understand and can read each and everyone mind. He is our loving father. He will give his son for things that he ask.

Matt 7:8 “For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Matt 7:9 “Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?”

Matt 7:10 “Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?”

Friends, more than 20 yrs ago. Without going to Bible study class nor attend any cell group. I was able to interprete symbolic Biblical meaning, wrote Poems and proverbs of revelation for the Words of God.
Also conducted Bible study for small group of people as well as individual. All glory belongs to God, our Lord Jesus. Without him, I am nothing. During those younger day, I do not know how to ask the RIGHT thing from God. But instead of given item A that I asked for, I received item B. Praise the Lord, God loves each and everyone of us like his children. He will give the best to us even though we had asked for the wrong thing!

But today, having been reborn and come back to the Kingdom of God. I doeth closer walk with our Lord Jesus with the help of Holy Spirit, the Helper. I am able to ask for the Right thing that is pleasing to God and it was given. Hallelujah! True event happened! Prayre being answered.
Case 1. 18/12/2007 I already planned for my trip. The next day (Sat) I supposed to take the flight to Surabaya and yet there are uncertainties that worried me. Cichi (she called me Papa) supposed to call me with regard to meeting up at Airport and accomodation and yet no news. Then 3 of us gathered together to pray. That was about 10.20pm. Then I went home. Next morning, I decided to look at my phone and found the SMS from Cichi (Just after 1am), saying that she will arrange her BF to pick me up at Airport and then look for accomodation, no problem. Praise God, our Lord Jesus for answering my prayer, within 4 hours. Read My Blessed trip to Surabaya.
Case 2. I asked for the address of someone in prayer so that I can buy BD gift and despatch to the recipient’s house, and my prayer was answered in a much better way. I was invited to the recipient house for dinner many days before the BD, which is better than just the answer for the address. I’ve got to know the address physically.
Case 3. I am very eager to sell away my Guillotine Paper Cutter, unfortunately I lost the Mobile Number of the reseller, which I recorded on a paper. I prayed in the morning on one Saturday, asking in Jesus Name to have the person call me. My Prayer was answer in the afternoon. The person called me, his name is Raymond. Though I did not sell to him because the price is too low. I just want to thank Lord Jesus for helping me even though it is a very small task. Praise the Lord!

So if you ask in prayer for Vision to be revealed to you, then God, our Lord Jesus will reveal to you. If it is Very personal for your goodself only. DO NOT share with anyone else but pray to God for more revelations and confirmation. REMEMBER, in prayer, ask in Jesus name on what to do with the given Vision. More revelations and confirmations will come. And you will be able to have a complete Vision to accomplished it. Share it in this Esharing Portal once your Vision has been fulfilled. In other words, sharing the blessing.

2. Normally vision is not complete.

For individual, most of the time the Vision is not completely clear. There has to be revelations upon revelations and confirmation upon confirmation to finally built up a complete Vision.

For this reason, you can’t share with anyone else because incomplete vision would leads to doubts, disbelief, hurts and worst off, killing of a Vision. Only if you had grab hold of the complete Vision, then you can focus and do the will of God, Our Lord Jesus.

Habakkuk 2:3: For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Patience my friend. Sometime, Vision (partial) are given to you way ahead of time. So that you can prepare yourself for the Vision. God, our Lord Jesus wants you to pray for more revelations and confirmations. It also gives you more time to gather material and also identify people who can help you in prayer. At appointment time, it will be revealed to you completely so that you can accomplished the task.

Matt 17:9 “And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.”

Perhaps what the disciple has seen on the Mountain is the Image of Jesus being Resurrected and all of them are commanded not to tell this vision untill he has risen again from the dead?
Why? Maybe if this Secret Vision has been foretold, the prophesy may not had happened or dire consequence may occured. Or people may ridicule, make fun of and hurt the disciple. Jesus loves all his disciples, he do not want them to be in the harm way perhaps.

Luke 24:23: “And when they found not his body, they came, saying, that they had also seen a vision of angels, which said that he was alive.”

So it is from the Vision of angels, that people were being moved to believe that Jesus had resurrected. This happened because there are many people who do not believed that Jesus had indeed resurrected. And Jesus’s body wasn’t found thus proven that he had indeed resurrected. “A dead man who comes back alive can’t walk alone with his Soul only!! For HE who is indeed Alive, walked with his Body and Soul!” (this phrase by Stanley).

3. Avoid being stolen.
How many time we had seen in the Real world, ideas being stolen. Likewise, Vision can be stolen too.

Our Pastor Kong Hee, ever mentioned in his sermon that we have to be very careful with Vision given by God, Our Lord Jesus. Tell only people who are involved or are part of the Vision. If not the individual who is not right with God may steal the Vision and said that it is from him. Only when the Vision is accomplished, the individual or groups can review to the whole world.

4. Many time it is coded, so that normal people cannot understand.

Matt 13:10: “And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?”

Matt 13:13 “Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”

This is to ensure that only true disciple of God, that is those who had acquired the Gift of Heavenly Wisdom can interprete and understand these Visions.

5. Protect the vision that is sacred from God, Our Lord Jesus. Prevent it from being spit at.

Mattew 7:6: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and tear you in pieces.”

This is a very serious matter. Since Vision is conveyed to the individual directly from God, Our Lord Jesus. The individual must protect it from being abuse, ridicule or spit at. Reveal or share only with people who are involved in the Vision. Do not share with wrong people. Vision from God, Our Lord Jesus is Sacred, DO NOT share with anyone unless the person is Spiritually connected or Right with you, who will doeth the Vision together with you. Sharing Vision with wrong people will be like giving to dogs who will spit at it and trample them and tear your heart in pieces due to disbelief and saying things or carry out action that will hurt you deeply. So Brothers and Sisters, be careful with God, Our Lord Jesus given Vision. You have great Spiritual Responsibilities!!

Chapter 3 – How to acquire God’s Vision for me?

In the Sermon by Rev. Dr Kim Sunghae, She mentioned that the Holy Spirit will give us four power :- Power 2 provided the answer to the above question.

“Power 2 – Holy Spirit gives us Heavenly Wisdom.
Solomon has mighty Wisdom that comes with Goodness and Christian with anointment of Wisdom will have Visions and dreams”

Why only Christian with Wisdom can have Visions and dreams?

My personal answer is this. Since Visions and Dreams is from God, our Lord Jesus, most of the time it is coded in parables or symbolic representation. (Latest update 14/05/2008, The different between Vision and Dream is that the formal mostly come as a still picture, series of pictures depicting events, signs, symbol or parable whereas dream is always like a movie trailer showing an event or story of the past, present or future, mostly actual happening. Also dream mostly relate you to real life experience could be generated from your sub-conscious mind. Vision is more of a supernatural or prophetic appparition.)Thus normal intelligent will not be able to understand nor interprete accurately. When you have a Vision, do not dismiss it! Ask God, our Lord Jesus “What to do with the Vision” More revelations and confirmations will come and you will be more equipped to complete the Vision. Be a responsible children of God or else why a Vision should be given to you?

Remember, Christian with great wisdom have great spiritual responsibiliy, they are God fearing individual who can cast aside any worldly desire in order to do God’s will. They are humble slave and servant of God, our Lord Jesus. Those who chose to fear MAN will be slave to MAN forever untill they learned how to fear God by giving up SELF and accept Jesus Christ, our saviour completely.

How to ask for Wisdom?

The answer is already been published before. Click this link for the topic. Man Seeking Wisdom
Read and understand:-
Mattew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.”

End notes:

“I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17).

Would you rather have Visions or Dreams? Lateral meaning, only young man shall see Visions. Really? Old man can only dream dreams? Here is the secret to what keeps a person spiritually young. Visons are more intense with lots of God’s secrecy wisdom words and needs the young energetic spirit to run. Think of Caleb, the Vision of defeating Giants had kept him young because the Vision is full of young spirits energy and of great hope. Even at the age of 85, Caleb fought as a young lion and killed the giants. Have Vision, don’t be an old man. You maybe younger but if you have an old man spirit in you, you are not going to get any vision from God. Only those with Wisdom of God can interprete dreams and Vision, see next chapter.



A) Deciding to join Church Service

I once passed by City Harvest Church at Jurong St.92, I was very impressed by sight of seeing coaches after coaches of Church goers. I set myself to think whether if these people are going there really to attend Church Service or just wanting to join the well known Church to enjoy the Stardom there? So I said to myself, “Wish I could there one day.”

Vivi Lim invited me to attend her church service at EXPO on 25th Nov 2007 saying there is a painting program. But I decided not to go because I thought that I should not go to a Church Service just because there is some special activity there but rather I would go there just for the sake of going to church. So I only planned to go to Church Service at EXPO, the following week.

On 30/11/07, I asked Vivi Lim about the timing for church service on Sunday. She told me that it is 9.30am. Okay, so I had decided to go to the The EXPO on 2nd Dec 2007. It doesn’t matter which church it is, so I thought. Vivi Lim had advised me to go there with an open heart. My mindset had already been fixed to think that City Harvest Church that I once wished to go in was only at Jurong West St 92, so this one which I am going must be another Church at Far away location, The EXPO.

B) Our Lord preparing me by clearing doubts and questions

As I was driving along AYE, I started asking myself questions. Why I backslide? Backslides? What is that? I don’t really comprehend the full meaning of it. History comes back to my mind one by one. Oh yes, what had I done to my very worn-out Bible? I threw it away and along with it my many pages of hand-written interpretation of Symbolic meanings. Yes, at that point of time, I remembered that I strongly believed in the passage Mattew 7:7 “Ask and It will be given, seek and you’ll found” Certain thing that I wanted in Prayer wasn’t answered, i.e. not given.
Driving passed Marine Parade on ECP
Deep inside my mind, these questions somehow started to find its own answers deep within my sub-conscious mind. Somehow I realized how self-centered I was, I wrote articles and poems to vent my frustration and also insist my Church Sister (Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church) in charge of Newsletter print out my article for my selfish purpose. I started to feel very sorry to have forced my way to have my article published. I was making my own decision to try to make things happened but it never did. So our Lord Jesus Christ had somehow make arrangement for me to be married to someone else. And at this point, I realized that I have a mission. I arrived at The Expo, 9.25am.

C) My wish Granted

It is amazing, I wasn’t expecting my wish to be granted so sudden and so unexpectedly. I am attending City Harvest Church Service! It is so funny, having been told many times by Vivi Lim and S.K. Lee that they are attending City Harvest Church service and yet I was so ignorant and silly because my mindset had fixed City Harvest Church at Jurong West St 92. Yes, now I recall, that is the place where I was once stopped by the Security/User to let pedestrian cross the road at Jurong West. Our Lord Jesus Christ really has his miraculous way of granting my wish.
Ken brought me in to the Church. Once I entered the EXPO arena. I hear loud music. What is this Music? So loud and sounds like rock music. Is it the music suitable for church service? I find it noisy. Why so many of them jumping like rabbits? Our Lord Jesus Christ somehow had spoken through messages. Ah yes, the answered is being revealed. Our lord is the Past, Present and the End. Somehow I began to understand how he is able use the modern music to attract youngster to come to Church service. Amen, how many souls had been saved from harm’s way through this musical? I begin to like the contemporary music and songs. Isn’t this proved that God our lord is ever living God who can move with time? It is really amazing how God had used our Sisters and brothers to use modern music to lure youngster away from trouble, as stated in the Bible.
Rev 21:13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the End, the First and the last” What about the present? Oh yes, we brothers and sisters are the present, “The living Testimony of Lord Jesus Christ.”

D) Preparing me to go to the Altar

The message about Adam and Eve, eating the forbidden fruit, both finding shame of being naked, fear and have no faith in God. Somehow these start to break me down. I started to realized numerous times I had misused knowledge given to me, thereby hurting and making people angry. Then Rev Kong Hee mentioned about why human being had so much fear in failure, which is because God was not put front to steer the business. At this movement, tears started to flood my eyes; I had to remove my glasses couple of times to wipe away my tears. How silly I was, no wonder there was so much misunderstanding and doubts, although it was my Good intention to give other people opportunity make money. They have doubts suspicions in my proposal. My clouded mind begins to clear out; it is only with God’s help, which is full of Love, Grace, and faith that we can safely put our business without blame from people.
Next message was, businessman can be very successful in their business, but their business is limited. With God’s help and control, it is bounder less, and business can grow and grow without limit due to Global connections. We have a touching sharing by MACY Pte Ltd on how it becomes successful after putting the business into God’s hand. With God blessing the business, there is no suspicion, no fear of failure. This time I am silently crying, I think I have inner joy now. I am released from bondage to my OLD Self.
Praise the Lord for being so patient with me. For the past 20 years or so, I had not been attending church, nor pray to Lord Jesus Christ, yet is he so willing to forgive me. Rev 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him and him with me.”
For all these 20 years or so, I do not have a humble soul, there is so much complains in my mind; trouble, doubts, jealousy, anger, vengeance and all the worldly knowledge that makes me unhappy. I have no space for our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, God. How would I able to hear when my door was knocked? I am so noisy within me. Our Lord Jesus Christ has been knocking doors of everyone around the world. It is such a shame that I didn’t hear his knock and open my door for him. I had to be rebuked 3 times by our Lord Jesus Christ through the spoken message by Rev Kong Hee. (Please note that I do not know how I quantified 3 times, I will be writing a book on 1-2-3, I strongly feel that this is our Lord calling for me to write. The 1-2-3 has very significant meaning in our daily life). Before coming to church, I planned to say 3 things to Vivi Lim. First thing “(apology, I have to keep this one silent)”, Second thing “I will accept Lord Jesus Christ only next week. Third thing “Since I already been Baptized in Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, I will serve in my first Church.”
How wrong was I. The lord has spoken to me “I am the best businessman of world, of the universe. No one can negotiate with me with his own terms and conditions”
John 21:6 “Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”
So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish. This time Rev Kong Hee asked all to close their eyes so that for those who want to accept Jesus Christ can put up their hands. I put up my both hands real high up in the air. This time, my crying of joy really is very audible. I am crying like a baby. Rev Kong Hee asked all who had put up their hand to go the front stage “The Altar” to accept Jesus Christ.

E) Surrendering myself in front of the Altar

Without hesitation, I moved forward very quickly to The Altar, with Sister Vivi Lim and Brother Ken guiding me. (Added note: Actually, the Holy Spirit hurried me to the get the best location, both of them had hard time catching me up. Been at center of stage, I have opportunity to be welcome by Pastor Kong Hee and Rick) I said to Lord Jesus “You are the best Businessman; I completely surrender myself unto you. Oh Lord Jesus, I need your Guidance. I need you to steer my business. I pledge all my business into your hand, Oh lord. I want to be Naked again just like the beginning, Adam and Eve with no knowledge of this World. Take away everything worldly from me. Oh Lord. Make me blind again, so that I can’t see worldly possession because I believed in you and you can make see again in the light of righteousness. Make me crippled; so that I shall not walk sideway nor on the wrong path again, because I believe Lord Jesus Christ can c; so that I can walk the straight path of righteousness. Prune away every part of my body that is bad, so that I can grow new branches and bear fruits, Oh lord.”
John 15:2 “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.”

F) Hallelujah, I am reborn again

Together with Vivi Lim, Kenneth and myself. We prayed. I prayed for Lord Jesus to forgive all my sins. Heard Vivi Lim’s Speak-in- tongue, immediately I felt very close and warm. This same Gift from God when Holy Spirit descended onto everyone here, I already had. I began to enjoy the Music even more. Yes, my path has been laid and I know Lord Jesus Christ had a mission in plan for me in this City Harvest Church, Hallelujah Amen.

Brothers and Sister, thank you for reading my testimony. Many miracles had happened before my eyes after being reborn. Be steadfast, have good faith in God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Because whenever our Lord Jesus is performing miracles, the evil one is always there to tempt you away from God.

Addon Notes:

Miracle on 14th Dec 2007 How our Lord Jesus had answered my Player of Uncertainty for my Trip to Surabaya in less than an hour. Fellowshipping with brothers and sisters kept me out of trouble We are having BBQ, and then I had an urgent phone call. My developer insists I go down to Holland Road. But I never did, because I know the important of Fellowshipping. It is amazing that how this decision had saved me from Potential damaging trouble.