Spreading kindled fire

During one Sunday morning sermon,
While in prayer, my hands clapped with constant rhythm
Then, our pastor was mentioning “let the fire burn, let it spread”
As I closed my pair of eyes, I seems to be holding a pair of flintstones.
Then I opened my pair of eyes, I see the same thing.
Here is what my partner inspired me to write:-

The pair of flintstones firmly I held, one on my left hand and the other on the right hand
As I clapped them together, the jagged edges doesn’t seems to produce good sound,
But it does helped to produce good fire sparks as it breaks away upon impact.
Yes, the breakaway flint sparks managed to spread fire to my immediate neighbouring friends.
The fire is burning in the mid-air, with many of us holding the flintstone clapping together in rhythm.
Yes, the fire is burning strongly, warming the House of God.
Each and everyone of us are burning with desires.
Now I know, as the jagged flints break away to light up more fire, the stone becomes more smooth.
As I clapped these reshaped stone, it produced better sound, a wonderful rhythm of celebration.
Yes, let the kindled fire burn, let it burn, burn, burn
Yes, let clapping stone sounds louder, louder and louder.
Praise the Lord. Hallelujah!
We are celebrating Victory upon victory
Our Angels are dancing in circle to celebrate the Victory too.
This kindled fire is forever burning, now till eternality.
The sounds of celebration will never stop.
Clap, clap, clap, burn, burn, burn
Celebrations, celebrations, rejoicing, rejoicing in the Name of our Lord Jesus.
Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

Captured on Video, Angel fellowship and dance around camp fire with youth from Puerto Rico, Feb 2008. Loves rule, fellowship brings the atmosphere of holy celebration.

Added image 21/3/2009: Nonya Fellowship – 19/3/2009
Ika, Cindee Lim, Francis, Joreen, Fion Tan, Joel Lim, Ann Tan, Huizhen, Javert, Jaslin Chua, Vivien, Lorrain, Stanley, Joey Loh, Kebing, Lance, Jeremy Choy, Joshe, Jeremy Chng, Dolly, Jonathan Tang, Andy, Anne Hay, WenWen, Lawrence Yong, Ryan, Eric, Cherie

My Cell Group E388

Yahoo Chat Friends, mid 2007
Sarah (1st Online daughter), Felicia, Jaclynn, Sue Sue

Revealing the meaning.
Fire = The Helper Our, Holy Spirit
The Stone = Brothers and Sisters
Hands = Hand of Unity, the Power of Prayer
Flints = Unwanted part of Individual, turned into useful Sparks. Some may think that they are not equiped to share the Gospel. But let’s give this in prayer, for upon received Salvation, this is the 1st commandment, SHARE THE GOSPEL and disciple nations! The Helper who was given to you will help you to speak wisely.
Sound of Clapping stone = Sound of Celebration together in Unity
Reshaped stone = Transforming an individual to a better person.

Interesting fact!

Even olden day, the Indians know the important of communal Fellowship.
The ruins with the circle soil bricks. Arizona, Grand Canyon.
Indian Ruin

Fellowship Saved me from Trouble

15 Dec 2007 – BBQ at Pasir Ris Park organize by Vv Lim
15 Dec 2007 – 2pm

It was raining heavily at Jurong. At 2pm I suppose to pickup Lee at Blk 636. Then I will have to proceed to Jurong East Blk 248 for Saeedah, follow by Woodland Blk 717 for Farina and her son. I arrived late to pickup Lee. Then at Saeedah’s place, slightly late at about 3.05pm but on time for Farina and her son. It was really heavy rain and I have to slow down a lot. Then my no.1 called me at 3.30pm but I decided not to pick up her call, she been very negative about me having fellowship with brother and sister.

We arrived at White Sand Shopping Center Pasir Ris to meet up Cindy, and then we went to wrong location, NTUC Resort.

15 Dec 2007 – 4pm

Finally make it at PA Pasir Ris Park at around 4pm. Saw Danny and Joreen there in red T-shirt. We all move to the BBQ area. Then all of us were advised to move to sheltered area as it is going to rain. One by one we moved to the shelter and settle down, anticipating rain fall together.

15 Dec 2007 – 5.20pm

Then I received 2 missed calls. My caller ID showed that it is from Mr Lim, my Developer for Holland Apartment. So decided to excused myself and make a return call. Mr Lim answered my call; saying “Stanley, you better come down to Holland now, I am with the buyer now and we have some argument.” So I replied “What is it that they are not happy? I can’t go down now; I have a company function going on.” Mr Lim replied “No, no you better come down to clarify some issue; they said that you gave them wrong dimension for the unit they had bought. Maybe trying to say that you had misrepresented.” At this point of time, I am feeling very trouble. Note: In Real Estate misrepresentation is a very serious offence. Buyer can sue agent for their lost; tens or even hundred of thousand dollars. 5:40 Mr Lim Forwarded a SMS to me, proof of overstating the built up area. I have to make a decision whether to go down and settle everything or to stay behind to enjoy the BBQ. I prayed to our Lord Jesus for help and guidance. Then I decided, fellowshipping with brothers and sisters is more important and I called Mr Lim to say that I not going down today but tomorrow which is Sunday 16/12/2007 at 3pm at Holland Apartment. I went back to the sheltered area with my mind still thinking of how to settle the problem. Try my best to put up a smile but could not conceal my troubled face. Then I told Vv Lim, Ken that I need prayer for God’s Wisdom. Then John came to me and said that he can help me pray, so we went to further away and sit on the bench. So I showed to John the SMS which I read the following morning at cell meeting on Friday on how my Prayer has been answered within an hour from Cichi, my online daughter. This SMS solved my concern, “uncertainty of whether accommodation is book, or is Cichi going to meet me” I told John this “That is the problem with all Christian, our Lord Jesus perform miracles but the Evil one is around to create trouble. I received phone call from my Developer for Holland Apartment. He said that the Buyer is trying to say that I misrepresented and they forwarded a SMS claiming that it was sent by me. Misrepresentation in Real Estate can be sued for tens or even couple of hundred thousand dollars.” So I requested John to pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to give me wisdom so that I can speak wisely the following day when I meet them. So we started praying. After prayer we walked back to the shelter and game start

15 Dec 2007 – Near 6pm

The rain started to pour down mid-way through the game. We have just finished introducing ourselves. Then we played the slapping face game. God blessed us. Rain stopped after the game and we all moved to the BBQ pit. While our Heart helpers setup BBQ we played another game, this time we enjoyed most. Playing the attitude game, sad face or happy face. This game really brings about the Teamwork of getting the Items listed for happy face and sad face. My Team won!! Each one of us won a price of nice photo frame and we also sing praise to Lord Jesus, John shared the meaning of Christmas. All of us really enjoyed the wonderful BBQ organized by Vv Lim and Hearts. Then we all BBQ until almost 2200 hrs. I move off at 2205 sending Farina, her son and Saeedah home. I reached my home about mid-night.

16 Dec 2007 –  0130 hrs – Running through email correspondence for defense

I prayed to Lord Jesus for his help. I checked all my email in the Sent folder for evident that I had sent correct information to the Buyer through the Co-Broke agent. Not good, I remembered, all my out mail, I had deleted away. I begin to worry. Then 30 mins into searching, somehow miraculously the most important email wasn’t deleted, dated 26th August 2007. Praise the lord, remembered that I wasn’t reborn again Christian till 2nd Dec 2007 and this miracle has been done for me even before my reborn date. So I gather my presentation file, this printed email and go to Bed at 2.33am

16 Dec 2007 – 0930 hrs – Church Service

It was just after the service and very concerned Brother John walk to me and ask if I am alright and also if I am going to the meet up the Developer. Then I told John “No need, praise the Lord, I am staying behind for more fellowship and prayer. Because our Lord Jesus is victorious and he solved my problems.” We have scattered lunch together, I sat down with Lee and Bahrah. Then I was told that, all of them are going to Danny’s house for gathering in appreciation of their help on their Wedding. Well, I have nothing much to do, so I called Mr Lim to said that I will be meeting him at his Shop around 4pm. So I met Mr Lim and we have the common understanding that the c was a Fake one from the co-broke agent trying to frame me. Moreover, I advised Mr Lim that no Buyer in Good sense of mind will buy property based on SMS. Also I had emailed important information on 26th August 2007. The buyer put up Option to buy 1st day of September 2007. So they had seen the certified built-up before purchase. So I jokingly asked when my company can invoice the commission. Mr Lim said that I must wait for this matter to be solved first. Then I told him that I going to Surabaya from 19th to 22nd December 2007 .

Friends, Brothers and Sisters. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, our Father, and Lord Jesus Christ. Had I chose to gone down on BBQ day. Things may turn out very bad for me. But I decided to have FOLLOWSHIP WITH ALL OUR BELOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS instead.

Read also “Spreading Kindled Fire”.

End Notes:

Brothers and Sisters
It is because you’re close to God that you will have to carry the burden of witnessing and testifying for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus many events, miracles shall happen before your eyes and that shall be your burden to carry to testified for our Lord Jesus Christ. You are able to witness all these happening because you are closer to God. Would a Magician perform magic for you if you have great doubts (no faith) in his ability? Of cause NOT! He would rather choose to perform to individual who believe him more. Latest! Praise the Lord. Commission realised. God, our Lord Jesus is Victorious!