Technique 3 Yahoo Answers

yahoo_answers The third technique in effective website promotion is through the
use of a simple “who would ever thought of” tool – the Yahoo! Answers feature
of Yahoo. Launched in 2005, this question and answer community site allows
people to ask questions and have them answered by other users in the
environment. Its feature makes it an ideal ground for selling promotion to your
brand and website. It is surely one of those fantastic places to visit where we
could get that instant exposure to potential visitors and yes, customers. And
of course why not utilize this feature? Yahoo! Answers breeds countless numbers
of internet users from all around the world. If you are looking for an ideal
marketplace to promote or sell your website, Yahoo! Answers is the place.

Located via the URL , the
site contains all the possible questions ever conceived by the human mind. Well
some might not seem human at all, or dumb for short, but you may still consider
using this tool wisely. How does it work? Here is a simple step to utilize this

  1. First type in and once
    inside the site, click on the new user sign up link.
  1. Upon clicking
    the button, you will be asked to enter in your personal information, given
    that you have no yahoo mail account yet. Then after putting in all the
    details, click the Create My Account button. By then you are ready to go!

  1. Once
    registered, you may now post your strategic questions. Or if you want, try
    to look for questions posted in the environment that are somewhat related
    to your website or brand. Meaning to say, considering your goal to attract
    more visitors and potential customers to your website, you may want to
    spot for the needs around. Once you find that question, you may post your
    humble answer there.
  1. Oops! don’t
    forget to attach your website link to your post. Without this move, you
    will not be able to promote your product or brand and you will waste that
    opportunity to advance your way up in the marketplace. One of the most
    surprising truths about this is that most of the users in Yahoo! Answers
    don’t have marketing and promotions in their mind. You may only find few
    users who did attached some links to their own sites, which means to say
    that you are among the first to wisely realize the tremendous benefits of
    using the Yahoo! Answers tool.

So here is fast run-through example. Let’s say you own a website about guitars and you want to have it promoted fast, then you may sign in to Yahoo! Answers and post a
question like, “Where can I buy good guitars?” then since it will be posted in
the forum, others may give their own advices and tips. But then as a
business-minded person, you may post an answer like, “Hey I have found a good
place to buy good guitar. It’s in” Now what you just
did there was you’ve nailed a link in your website link for others to see,
thus, generating more visitors to your website. You can also search for
questions related to your topic. For example, a question posted by an unknown
user says, “Where can I get online tutorials for the guitar?” Here you may put
in your humble answer in the post and also add the link of your website there.
Don’t forget – post and link. These and many other ways you can do in the
Yahoo! Answers tool to generate more traffic and visitors to your page. Cheers
to your success.