The Vision is clear, our place of worship shall have massive structures

Many rows of seats that looked like staircases

The altar shall be at the center place of focus, opening to the sky

The children of God is nearing prophesied numbers

The pledge of fund is fulfilling soon

Grief is that the location is not correctly known yet

I saw Angels trails dancing and flying above the Seats

One is in deep Red, the other is in Gold

The Red is not with fiery flame as it should be

The Gold is not with glittering Gold as it should be

Our Angels of God is not joyful flying in circle

The place is to be, is where the Angels must rejoice

Our Angels must be able to burn with glorious flame and glittering Gold

Then the Red Angel trail Opened a box and inside it looked like Bun with sausage in between

The place is to be where our Angels can fly right out to the sea for a Victorious return (1)

For our almighty God of armies shall win countless battle against the pair of rising horns (2)

Many lost souls will be redeemed into God’s kingdom with our stretched out hands

The house of God shall have immediate openned arms to welcome redeemed souls brought home by our angels

The power of Prayer from Servants of God will have stretching hands pointing against the horns, defeating its evil power

The place is to be is where the sea breeze can blow right into the House of God (1)

For the market place shall be NOT built by mankind (2)

But it will be built by our God Almighty, Lord Jesus

A venue that has not been touch by man but built by our Lord Jesus

A brand new market place, created and name after the house of God (3)

There will be no obstacles to disrupt transportation of Servants to worship God, even the waterway can be the direct assess to our place of worship. (4)

The place is to be is where the fund can fulfill sooner than expected (5)

For the House of God must be ready before the number of is reached.

Let this be understood by the choosen wise man of God

Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Note: First Published Mid Feb 2008.


(Revelations from Our Lord 11/02/08 5.30am)

While in prayer, I have this revelation “Don’t be deceived by perfect number match!”
As I Probe further for the exact meaning, answers start sprouting out within me

The Satan will try to lure the Children of God away by temptation of winning lottery.
“Come, come, I gave you perfect number match, 4D number you can buy to get rich”
Some may think that this is a one time opportunity, only one time sin.
But unfortunately, the indulgence in this sin is opening oneself to gain more greed.
Greed, don’t come from God, it is from Satan, bringing downfall of man to the shadow of darkness.
As the fallen individual may have won lottery, he would want more, worshipping the Devil even more
The light in the the person is being extinguished in no time, walking the path of darkness.

I am glad and grateful to our Lord Jesus for his Salvation, that HE helped me passed the test
Wednesday, 20th Feb 2008. A colleague called me in the middle of night to said my Station number won lottery.
But I have absolutely no feeling of regreting not participating in this lottery greed
Praise the Lord for having cleansed my Soul and Mind, I have no greed for such materialistic gain.

As I ponder further in my prayer, the other number match that the Devil is good at deceiving is remuneration.
“Come, come, this is what you Prayed for, I can provide you the pay that you asked for”
Beware, brothers and sisters. God, our Lord Jesus always provide more than what you asked for, especially remuneration
Number matching in remuneration is like the matching of 4D. The Satan is a good deceitor, a liar.
So brothers and sisters, don’t be fooled by this temptation of Number match claiming to be from God
God, our Lord love His Children, He will provides more than what you asked for in prayer.
Of course, some of us may not be convinced of what is being writtened here, you can ask yourself some questions

Q1. When did you first come into contact with the matching number?
Q2. Does the matching number come to you when you were emotionally down, envy, jealous, greed or vengence?
Q3. Does this job switch stop you from continuing God’s work in current workplace?
Q4. Does this new job brings you away from being with God, worshipping Him?
Q5. Does this new job requires you to do more immorality?
Q6. Does this new job help you to be more smooth flow in your spiritual life routine?

If you can answer Q1, you can find out the root cause of problem.
Any of the human decision in Q2 is at risk because the Devil is able to attack the weakness of the individual.
Obviously, Q3, stopping God’s work is forbidden. God, our Lord is not being Edified. His work has to be continued.
If yes to Q4, obviously, the evil one is bringing you further away from God, our Lord Jesus. Otherwise if the new job gives you more time to worship God, then it is alright.
If yes to Q5, Obviously committing sins is not pleasing to the eyes of God, Our Lord Jesus
If there is disruptions, many obstacles, your prayer to ease this burden is not being answered, you falls sick easily, it seems that you are not protected by God, our Lord Jesus, then it is time to quit this JOB! This is Q6.
Some may argue that, these temptation, disruptions, obstacles is the test from GOD. I could only pray for Brothers and Sistes who feels this way,
I pray that whoever it is shall have the Gift of Discernment and Wisdom to help the individual make wise decision.

The following are SAFE number match from God, our Lord Jesus
Date of an Event.
Birth date of a person.
Mostly date.
Mobile, telephone number.
Building, unit number.
Other items and event that must be of definite number match.