Technique 6 Squidoo Advantage

Advantage of using Squidoo to write articles (or lens as they call it)

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Squidoo imageAre you looking for a popular website that will post your own site as well – for free? Well Squidoo is what you are looking for. Squidoo is a community site that enables users to create their own customized pages, also called lenses, for various topics and subjects. Being one of the most visited websites in the internet, Squidoo is a very ideal place to market and sell your website. No need to learn html to post that page, in one simple registration in the sign-up lens, then you are ready to go. Let’s take a dive and look at how Squidoo works and find out too why this tool is in our list of the top strategies for generating more traffic into our website.

Here are some great reasons to consider using Squidoo in our own marketing arsenal: One reason is because of its popularity. Many people browse in Squidoo primarily for information purposes. Students with school assignments love to search for answers in the site’s lenses. Due to its wide range of topics, from food and cooking to art and music, users can now find their niche and post in their own creative site for others to see. Someone out there may be in need of your product. And because it is new and growing, you will be attracting not only a generation of users but everyone using this technology. Probably the most practical and important reason for using this tool is that it is free. Yes, think about it well. You are being advertised by Squidoo and endorsed to thousands of users, and you pay nothing. Just a little effort in signing up, then let Squidoo do the advertising.

So here’s how to use Squidoo as a strategic tool in generating traffic explosion to your website.

  1. First, type in the URL
  2. Once the page is fully load, go to the upper right corner and click sign up. After the registration process, you are good to post in your website.


  1. Within minutes you can already set-up your own page. Probably you may want to consider where you will post your lens. There are niches to choose from in the site.

sample article

That’s easy as counting numbers. This is a very strategic way to get promoted. Oh, before we forget, once your page or lens is posted, your links will be forwarded to the various search engines in the web including the Squidoo traffic as well. So search engines like and can post your page and its links through Squidoo. So basically what we only need to do is sign-up, create a page, link your site into, and then post. So go ahead and try this technique, this is a sure way to generate more traffic into your page and of course to generate more income and sales. Get Squidoo-fied!

squidoo mosaic

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