angelYesterday night was like a dream. But the event was so real and I decided to record this down as a testimony for our Lord’s glorious victory and his loving care. You can be one great warrior for our Lord Jesus as long as you are willing to be used wholly by the Holy Spirit.

Here is the true encounter:-

I was in a house, all geared up for the battle.
There was a few ladies, I couldn’t see their face, one of them started to talk to me.
“There, the evil one is in that room, many had tried to go in that room but never come out again.”
This must be some kind of warning or discouragement.
But I couldn’t care much, I rebuked “This house belongs to God, I must go in and get rid of whatever that is inside there.”
“Show me where is the room” I said to the lady. I see her not in person, but hear only her voice.
“There is the room” she pointed out to me, it looked like a storeroom, without hesistation, I dashed forward and went into the room with its door already swung opened.
There, the room is not brightly lighted up. Then I came face to face with a person dressed in black and he is faceless.
The dress is like those bubble black lady dress and with the hoop having a garget like an antenna on top.
“Don’t hide, show me your face if you dare!” I shouted to him.
Just then his face appeared within the hoop, a man in his mid forty. He said to me. “Who are you? Who is your Lord?”
I said to to him “I come in the of name Lord Jesus Christ, I am here with the power of Holy Spirit to redeem this house of God!”
“Huh! The King of Jews from Nazareth. Spell out His name if He is really your Lord!” said The man.
I refused because I knew this is his trick to make me obey him, I might accidentally spelled Jesus’ name wrongly and weaken my faith.
“By the authority of the Lord Jesus, with the power of Holy Spirit, I command you to get of this house!”
“Spell out His name if He is really your Lord!” He said again angrily and continuously repeatedly.
“In Jesus’ name, I command you to get out of this house.” Then, I continue by praying in tongues.
In my heart and soul, I was saying the same thing,”In Jesus’ name, I command you to get out of this house!”
His voice became softer and softer.
Out of sudden, the room disappeared and I saw myself in the bright living room of the House.
Then, a young man in the 30s fell in front of me and I support his back to prevent him from hitting the ground.
Then I kneeled beside him, I continued to pray and bless him.
He is someone I knew, then he said in a weak voice to me “This is what I needed.”
So, I touched his face and there was slight redness in his right check.
Then he came around and said thanks to me.
Hallelujah, the spiritual battle has been won in the 4th dimension.

Addon notes 21/11/2010 – Awesome sermon by Phil Pringle.

I have been waiting for someone to share testimony that would really help christians understand that spiritual warfare in the 4th dimension is unavoidable being a christian, and being a son or daughter of God, you should have the ability to use the weapons and angels to fight against those demons and devil in Jesus’ name and win a resounding victory for Him. God will make the enemy your Foot stool!

Praise the Lord, Pastor Phil Pringle did it for Lord Jesus.

Pastor Phil shared not just one encounter but two encounters with  demons, first case was about himself and then second case was about the testimony of his friend.

First testimony.  Back then, Phil had submitted to the state council with regard to the building of his church but the state rejected it outright. Then, in one service, sitted at the front row. A huge muscular and tall demon was standing infront of the pulpit, sort of trying to block Phil, it is in the way as the Pastor was preaching. Then Phil prayed and consulted Lord Jesus on what to do. Lord Jesus gave him the bible verse “All thing were done for the good of His people whom He love in Jesus name.” The demon reacted in fear at the spoken words of God. Not the kind of bible verse that Phil expected, like warfare aggressive fighting bible verse, but Pastor Phil obeyed the Lord anyway.
So, after the service he went home and the demon was at His place this time round, cursing and was much smaller in size, no more muscular but skinny. Phil continued to pray the same bible verse and rebuked the demon. The demon was further reduced in size, now like a child. Next moment, the demon was curled up and with chains bound all around his body. The next day, Pastor Phil received a call from the State council providing good news that the Church building was approved.
Lesson learned from this encounter is that you must obey the spoken rhema words of Lord Jesus and use the bible verse to rebuke the demon and you will win a resounding victory for our Lord. Lord Jesus did that when was being lead into wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted by the devil.

The Second testimony was from Phil’s friend, he said that his friend was stressed and in a suicidal state of mind. Then, one day, God allowed his friend to see the vision of himself. What he saw was a demon using a club to continue to bashed him and condemm him saying that he can’t do many things, useless, hopeless, etc. Then, at the same time, he also saw about 5 Angels standing around seeing him being punished by the demon, and they didn’t do anything with their sword down and head looking down in low morale. Then, he felt that he could not be in this down stage anymore, he started to pray and praise God. The moment he praised God, the angels gained morale and started to looked up. Then, he continue to praise and danced and jumped in joy for God. The demon, as he could see was getting nervous. Then the Angels, held up their swords and fight off the demon. Phil’s friend won the spiritual warfare in Jesus’ mighty name and he recovered from stress.

Friends, spiritual warfare is real. You got to have deep rooting with our Holy Spirit in order to be able to put on the whole armor and be the warrior for Lord Jesus.

Eph 6:11 ” Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Pastor Phil shared to the congregation about the four weapons, we can use to fight against the demons:

1. Name of Jesus. – Lord Jesus is the AUTHORITY over all things as contrary to power.

2. Blood of Jesus – evil freed at the sign of Jesus’ blood.

3. The word of God – Lord Jesus used the words of God and defeated the devil.

4. Praise .

Friends, as you can see from these three encounters. You’ll acknowledge that spiritual warfare is real in the 4th dimension. With the weapons given to us, who can go against us? By the way, you may had not used the formidable weapon, Pleading the blood of Jesus. I tell you the truth, demons and devils will melt by the blood of Lord Jesus, just like salt onto the snail, they will melt away! Imagine if you could had used the blood of Lord Jesus. Unimaginable powerful weapon for spiritual warfare! Very very importantly, never let the devil (or devil manipulated person) to speak or even negotiated terms with you in your life. If you openned yourself up, you are putting off the armor that is protecting you and you may ended up obeying the devils’ command. My experience illustracted clearly, the devil tempt me to obey him by simply spell out the name of Jesus but I really thanked Lord Jesus for the Holy Spirit partner He had given me and guided me so well to the perfection of defeating the devilish Old man and this brother, signed up for SOT about two and half weeks later. The wife was very delighted and shared about it during our CG meeting but my part of helping this brother defeact the “Old Man” in him, I couldn’t share openly, because I am a lowly noboby, who would believe what I say, anyway? Say thanks to Lord Jesus for His glory if you believe. As an obedience child, you must pen down all encourage as testimony for Lord Jesus’ glory and I had done it again and again. Praise and glory to Him who is to come.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Hellelujah, Praise the Lord!

The true event came on like a dream. But after examining the whole event. I think it is more than just a dream. So I have to record down accordingly. Praise the Lord, All Glory belongs to Lord Jesus. Amen Addon Notes: Thanks to Jeremy Choy, slightly more than 2 weeks after this article was posted, his message about “Woman in man” somehow answered my question as to why this brother whom I helped to defeat the “Old Man” in him, had many girls in him. Jeremy said “every man has a woman part in them, so if one has too much of woman part in him, he cannot stand up as mighty man. Also, man ought to have some woman part in them so that he can co-relate to woman.

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