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We had received email from people whose life have been tranformed wanted to donate, they asked us how to do it. So we had created the donation. Donation are welcome, no obligation to give. is comitted to sponsor and host this web site even though there maybe no sustainable donations. With the proceed received we can either buy Bibles or mail CDs to the needy and other needs, depending on fund available. Donations on regular basis are welcome too, click the Contact us, subject put “Regular donations by (Bank tt or Paypal)” and tell us your monthly amount. You can also participate by purchasing products listed below from various merchants. We shortlisted these merchants because of their ability to offer you value for money and we receive certain percentage of commission from them to fund this portal.

How do we know if the purchase is from this web site? We had set the ID for this web site as “Eshare”, so that we can segregate it from our core business.
Thank you very much. Various methods of donations:-

Paypal Method OR by Bank to Bank
Email form subject indicate “Donation”
Thank you very much.

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