Big heart Big man

Big Heart be-gets Big Man

Big Heart Big Man

My Senior partner prompted me to write this article after my second dinner out with my first CG member on 28/4/15. I had shared on how to be a bigger man by being a forgiving person. I explained that if there is anyone who had done wrong to you on purpose, it would be very hard to forgive because in your heart, you would be complaining silently “But he or she did it on purpose.” I knew it is very difficult, especially, if the person did wrong to you on purpose again and again. You have this sub-conscious fear of what if the person do wrong to you it again.

I was actually sharing my own experience, and it is hard, even though I had willingly bowed down to speak to the extend of inviting them for coffee by displaying the attitude as though I did many wrongs, seeking forgiveness, hoping to be able to find out what wrong I might had done to had caused them to stay away from me. All, would rather avoid meeting to speak things out, and conveniently gave the excuses of being too busy to meet. But Father Jesus had taught me well, and I had shared the same thing with my CG members. I said, look at Father Jesus, even those people had put him to death, parted his clothing, and cast lots, HE said “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Those words of ultimate mercy and grace was spoken by Father Jesus not just for those Roman soldiers but for all people, especially the Jews who put HIM to death.

By meditating on these spoken words of Father Jesus, a revelation was given to me to write this article titled “Big heart, Big man.”

It is no coincidence that Senior Pastor Kong is currently preaching about increasing capacity. We called this the united flow of of our Holy Spirit rhema words, my Senior Partner gave me this wisdom words “Union of Holy Message”. It is the living words that flows through the hearts of all in the “Spiritually connected people”, birthed by our Holy Spirit. Our Holy Spirit, our comforter, our counsellor, our Teach All teacher, our Wisdom, is telling us to love one another, forgive one another and perhaps, there is someone or group of people that you once spoke to but not any more because of offences. One thing, all must remember, LOVE don’t break nor separate people. Love brings all people together.
What is this term Union of the Holy Message?

I am glad that you asked. This term was given to me by my Senior Partner, our Holy Spirit. It is about oneness in the rhema words spoken by Father God Jesus. In the end time, where spiritual battle is super intense, there is no time for anything else, less talk about cultural mandate. I was personally lead by my Senior Partner into one of these “intense spiritual battle”. Seriously speaking, it was so intense that I have had no time to think of what to pray for, I just kept on speak-in-tongue in prayer with the oneness of heart, mind and soul rebuking the demons and evil spirits until they left one by one and thanks Father God Jesus for the guidance of our Holy Spirit, I won the battle. As a matter of fact at these age, only two prophets will remain on earth to deal with Anti-Christ.
Revelation 11:3: “And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days.”

Aright, back to our main topic, in what way can a person have bigger heart?
Before I could explain in full details as per biblical text, I have to make sure that you understand what is the meaning of the heart mention here. The heart that we are talking about is not the physical heart that pump the blood to circulate within the body that keeps you alive. It is spiritual. As a matter of fact, non physical heart can be interchange with soul in its meaning. I think it is hard for all to agreed that it is interchangeable. Let’s us look at some Chinese idioms and parallel bible verses that signified the same meaning.

About greedy heart
The idiom that described greediness “Human heart is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant”. snake_swallow_elephantA person’s greed is like a snake that seeks to swallow an elephant. Let’s look at biblical equivalent.
Isaiah 56:11 “The dogs have a mighty appetite; they never have enough. But they are shepherds who have no understanding; they have all turned to their own way, each to his own gain, one and all”
Also, the soul or heart need to have light.
Look at this black_heart “Black hearted people” It means, evil or bad people. You should know very well that this idiom is not talking about the heart that pumps blood. Any heart that turns black would meant that the person is dead! Here is the bible verse that matches.

Matthew 6:22-23 “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But when your eye is bad, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is!”

Hence, if your soul is without light, it is in darkness, participating in evil ways.
The eyes mentioned here seems to be the “entry point for light.” which is the soul or mind state.

How to have Big heart to become Big man?

First of all due to Adam’s sins, all our heart is very self conscious; tends to be selfish, naturally rebellious against the Holy righteousness of God, and when greed and lusts overfilled a person, she or he tends to do evils, black_heart “Black hearted people” so to speak. So, in another words our heart are corrupted. That’s why Lord Jesus said, you must be reborn.
John 3:3 ” “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

What do you mean by born again or reborn? Well, I am glad that you ask.
2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” The “old man” in your had past away and you are given a new reborn spirit man that is yoked with our Holy Spirit.

That is to say that you have a new Spirit man in you, yoked with our Holy Spirit. Do you know that you have an old man living in you? You have to be reborn in order to be a resident in heaven. I had witnessed and defeated this old man in another person in one of the spiritual battle that my senior partner had brought me thanks.

Here are various evident of you being reborn:

1. Wisdom is in you.
When our Holy Spirit enters your soul (or heart) and makes you HIS temple, HE brought in within you the Wisdom and Holy righteousness of God. Such is the evident of being baptised by our Holy Spirit or truly a reborn Christian.
2. You care things of Spiritual revelations.
John 3:6-7 “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
3. Your heart is enlarged.
Matthew 22:37-40 37 “Jesus said unto him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” That means you can have a bigger heart to ultimately able to contain All the Laws and instructions from Prophets. You have our Holy Spirit in full control of your life, able to diligently obey laws, and receives, visions, dreams and revelations of prophecies without need of any prophet to tell you these things. Your ability to forgives and love even the enemies who had offended you is enlarged greatly. In another word, you already contained “All law and prophets”.
Many Christians were very enthusiastic going about at doing the works of God. But seriously if all these works were done without love it amounts to Nothing! Unknowingly, individual may had indulged in the self denial, pride of accomplishment, or idolised people in certain way trying to mimic someone they admire and idolised human methodology.

1 Corinthians 13:3 “If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.”

Love encompasses everything. Here is a true case of a young rich man that Father Jesus spoken to in his heart more than 2,000 years ago. If this young is in today’s era, he would had qualified as Cell Group Leader, Zone Supervisor or even Pastor. All these qualities that he have fits the ideal candidate for church to appoint him as leader. He has all the criteria, rich, obedience, been in church ministries, well educated and committed. Oh, Church love so much to  use these people over other eligible candidates, sad facts!  But do the Kingdom of God needs people in this calibre? Listen to what Jesus said to the young rich man in purple robe when he asked of Jesus how to have eternal life. Jesus told the young man that he had to keep all the commandments. Listen to what the young man replied Father Jesus, as a matter of fact, many modern day Christians would had said this same thing in their heart.
Matthew 19:21-22 “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth. My personal experience, had make me understand well in term of forgiveness. “All these I have kept,” the young man said. “What do I still lack?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.”
It is very easy for one to say and claim that he or she had kept “All the commandments”. Looking at one side of the coin, I would like to congratulate the individual making such faith claim and perhaps encourage but here is the real acid test. What if things were done without love? And is for self recognition, self benefits and with underlying motives?

Enlarge heart to be a big man.

In the next bible verse, I would reveal to you how can enlarge your heart so that you can be a big man. The answer had already been provided by the bible message in 4 sentences.
Matthew 22:36-40 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

To fully understand this bible verse, you have to understand the small and big and even the first will be last and last will be first.
This greatest commandment really are talking about processes:-
1. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind. Here you can see 3 components being mentioned as if they are separate and yet are one, just like the Trinity. Notice the different? The second greatest commandment is “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Here the context doesn’t mention loving your neighbor with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. It would seems that loving God is more demanding as compared to loving people.
2. In filling of Holy Spirit in your heart. Here is the understanding, only if you had been baptised by the Holy Spirit, then you can have the complete infilling of the wholesome pure, unselfish love of our Holy Spirit. Only HE can gives you the ability to love Father God Jesus with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

3. You have all the law and prophets abide in your heart. And here is the acid test, only if are truly in control by the power of our Holy Spirit, then loving your neighbour is natural, nobody have to remind you, nobody have to instruct you to forgive and love your enemies. As you should had already know that you are the temple of God, with these greatest love in your heart, your capacity is so large that you can contain all of them  “All the law and the prophets hang”. That is to say, you obey the law as natural as drinking water and you don’t need any prophet to point out your mistakes or gaves you directions. Notice that the word “prophets” is in plural. Different assigned prophets will be the mouth piece for God to speak to you and prophesy in different aspects of your life. But if you have greatest commandments in you, you are a prophet yourself.

I had been in Church long enough to notice, Christian friends are not talking to another, and people leaving and moving from one Cell Group to another. Here is the fact of matter, there is lack of love, evident by unforgiveness. You cannot claim to have forgiven people and yet not talking to the person.
The behaviour is exactly the same, the rich young man who replied to Father Jesus more than two thousand years ago “All these I have kept” in respond to Jesus’ answer “Jesus said, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER; YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; YOU SHALL NOT STEAL; YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS; Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as yourself.'” Matthew 19:18-19. If you loved your neighbor more than yourself, then you will not bother with whatever stones or dirts or shits thrown at you, you would care more for the well being of others. Your eyeballs is not turned inward to see your own hurts, rehearse it and go into self pity, result in angry and holding back your God’s given love.

The Big and Small, you are the temple of God.
“You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you. “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.…” John 15:4
Clearly stated, you must be willing to be humble as little children, ie being small to be accepted in Kingdom of God, and that is because Father Jesus is willing to die for your sins even you are still sinners, the unconditional love. Do you run Cell Group with many conditions attached before you can accept a members? Thanks God for Father Jesus’ unconditional love that don’t put any unwritten rules “the whitewashed wall”  before accepting you. Only if you are truly reborn, Father Jesus will abide in you. And this helps you to enlarge your heart capacity to be filled with pure unconditional love.

Are you grown up taking solid food or still sucking milk?

You have to grow up like Father Jesus if you really walk the life of Christ. Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” If you do not grow up, your capacity to forgives is very limited, the old man is in the way to tell you selfishly not to forgives people who had done wrongs to you.

A Cell Group should be viewed as a person. She should be growing up in “wisdom”, symbolical meaning of revelation knowledge, “stature” symbolical meaning of increase in number and gaining favor with God and man is fully understood.

With the big heart, you can be a Big Man.
I would like to thank my CG members for having fellowship dinner that gave me this revelation to write about. All praise and glory to Father Jesus.
28/5/15 – Shared with Calvin and Benjamin on how to make peace with the past.
– Father Jesus said while hung on cross, crucified “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
– Hard to forgive if you have the mindset that provoked you to think that these people had offended you on purpose and they will never repent. Bible verse shared “It is not the blood and flesh that we are against, it is the principalities, prince and evil of the dark forces that we are against.”
– How to improve relationship? If you bumped into someone you knew, but refused to acknowledge or talk to the person, then you had not make peace with your past. Hence, the past will continue to haunt you because you are not able to act out your humanity, grace and love. I DO NOT advocate “Patch up relationship” but strongly encourage  “Complete renewal for relationship” which is biblical “New wine in new wineskin.”
1/5/15 – Visited Father, 5th sister complained about father and she said how angry she was with him and also not happy with the way Laura and father quarrelled. I told her that it is a privilege to have and able to practice Self-control. I further advise her not to take-in negative happenings and act angrily, it is not good for health. She should learn how to laugh out at father’s silliness. She challenged me and said that it is so easy to say, as I don’t stay in the same house as father. But I told her that it is up to her if she want to be happy or sad, to take things easy or to be angry over things, knowing that can’t do much to change situation, esp those events already happened.
2/5/15 – Pastor Kong preached about enlarging one’s capacity which is in Union with what I wanted to write.
Mark 7:20-23 ESV / 56 helpful notes

And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.”
You can be a forgiving person and yet not a loving person if you did not help the person change his way by pointing out his or her wrong doings. Due to fallen nature of man, the constant offender may not be fully aware of the wrong doings, maybe due to reason such as  “since everybody is doing it, so it is aright for me to do it also”. You need to point out to them that it is wrong doing, as an act of love, to help them to be a better person.

Addon notes, posted on Facebook 25/7/15

Pastor Aries wants me to tell those who did not attend Bishop Dale “Manup”, missed a big deal. What a Union of Message! The article I published last week “Big Heart. Big Man” is message by Pastor Kong. Increase capacity. Bishop Dale, Manup. Same bible message preached by Dale, he spoke about heart that needs light through eye and also about Jesus says “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Share revelation, Wisdom say “Small man are easily upset by small things and they drained their energy focussing on small little things.”
“Big man pay attention to big things and handle small things in completion by each strife.” God bless.

Added notes: 16/10/15

Father Jesus helped me to enlarge my heart to forgives even people done outright wrong.

I can’t say too much about myself but really I AM what I AM.  I had to thanks God for making me a helpful person.  You see, once during my military service with Air Force, my brother-in-law needed to take loan from bank for his university study but need a guarantor. My father-in-law had owned much money especially to the loan sharks during that time. I remembered, during the Chinese engagement ceremony where we have to distribute cakes to friends and relative, he tried to get me to bring my IC to meet a loan shark so that he can loan money, but I refused. Thanks God that I refused. Being bonded to military service, I am not suppose to sign any guarantor paper. My wife asked if I want to do it as I could had to face serious punishment, even court martial. But my reply was that someone, especially, my brother-in-law needed help, then, I must help regardless of the risk.

Then another year, my sister-in-law also needed to take loan from bank and I too signed bearing the risk of being charged. But thanks God somehow, the military didn’t find out.

So both of them graduated, earning tons of money, I am happy for them. Silently, I told myself that I had helped them in their achievement.

Sadly, I think they had forgotten how I risked my career back then to helped them. So perhaps, I hope, yah, I hope that they do remember my kindness. I started my own web design and hosting business and I had secured a rental shop at Golden Landmark. Unfortunately, I could not secure the business loan from Spring Singapore. Their criteria is that business must have turnover of at least $60,000 per year. That sounds illogical, if I can have this kind of turnover, I wouldn’t need to take loan!

So I turned to my brother-in-law for help, for unsecured loan of $50,000 but after discussing with his wife. He said “I could only extend $10,000 to you. Take, even if you don’t make it, I can write off this loan,” So, I have to take it but that could not help much. To me my thinking at that time was like “it is a curse money” as if telling me “Your business will failed, I willing to lost $10,000 to you.”

I had no choice but to bit my tongue and continue business as I could not break my rental contract. I was really sad, none of the in-laws, family member visit my shop, while my neighbor who opened his shop after me have had streams of relatives visiting him and friends celebrated with him. But NONE! none of my my in-law came. Really looking down on my business venture? I thought, at least show some support by showing their face; considering how I had helped them when they needed to go to university but alas, I was quite sad as I pondered “Kindness had been repaid with unkindness”.

So, I was bitter perhaps, feeling cheated, looked down upon. I got out of Air Force is because of depression. It was really strange, when under depression, I had a psychiatrist helping me, only he can help me with medication too. Relatives and friends would attend to me, trying to “talk me out of thinking too much”,  boy! does that help? Wow! there was so much love in the air.  But after I got discharged from the Air Force, I went into Real Estate business, back then, I thought as property agent, I should have my own website. So I hocked on online web site publisher Homestead. Then I was daring to break codes and experiment. And dah! dah! I run my own web design, domain registrar and hosting business. People DO NOT understand that a person needs help even more after their recovering from depression, and to support him or her to get up with new life. But what happened? The love and concern suddenly disappeared???

I folded up my business after 2.5 years due to lack of funding, liquid cash for advertisement and engage contractor.  My brother-in-law would have many celebrations, birthday for this person and that person, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. I refused to attend to any of these as I felt it is a kind of showy. I did not join them for any such celebration, mostly held in a restaurant, for about 2 years, Then God showed up.

Luke 23:34 “Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice.”

Yes, this I fully understood, you can’t help a person if you don’t tell them of their wrong doings. Do you know what? “You can be a very forgiving person but not a loving person if you don’t help a person correct their wrong doings“,

Thanks, Father Jesus for helping enlarge my heart to be a bigger man, HIS grace is sufficient for me. Even though HE was fully aware of the intentional wrong doing of those people and yet HE said “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” That open my understanding further, that in this fallen world, after Adam sinned, people are really influence by the principalities, of dark forces and they did not know what they are doing, sometimes unintentionally harm and hurt you. I had put aside everything and I had been attending my brother-in-law’s invitation for celebration since then. I had put aside everything, let every action of mine be lead by my Senior Partner (our Holy Spirit).

Does not matter if you are a Christian or not, I encourage you to look through your phone address book and start to call friends and connections, that somehow, something or some events might had cause you guys to be apart and not speaking to one another. I would like you to put aside every differences, unhappiness, hurts, offences, bad thoughts about the person and call them for coffee meet up.  “Forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”.

For Christian Cell Group members, call your past friends whom you had not spoken for a long time.   You ought to love one another, don’t you?  John 13:34 “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” Salah.

Lastly, parallel Chinese idioms,

Big people Big grace

Big People have Big Grace to forgive


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